From the youngest age I can remember, the thing that brought me the most insurmountable joy was hearing a song for the first time and it changing the way it made me listen to music.

The Love Below/Speakerboxx was the first time I was able to lyrically memorize an entire album and feel the cathartic pleasure of being able to sing almost every lyric. Hearing Andre 3000 and Big-Boi’s art expand beyond the typical prescribed pigeon holed world gave way for the complexity of blackness to be seen beyond a received monolithic experience. It was bad-ass! I realized how freeing and powerful musical ingenuity could truly be. If I can remember how I felt the first time I heard a record, then that means that the artist has changed me and are continuing to change others.

With the medium of pop music, I’ve felt able to constantly be in a state of change and growth as a musician. The complexity of layered sound in pop music allows it to reflect the time period one exists in while transcending it. I love making airy bright pop inspired by the lyricism based 70s rock pop and the ever growing and constantly inspiring black artistry of early aughts to current day hip-hop.